Willow Sceletium tincture 50ml

Willow Sceletium tincture 50ml

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Sceletium is one of the most usable and functional herbs for mental and emotional wellness that exists in the world today. It has wide and profoundly efficacious application in many areas, and is a unique botanical treasure.

Sceletium is an excellent broad-spectrum mood enhancing and emotion-mediating herb. It integrates mind, emotion and body and allows for deep bodily and mental relaxation. It calms obsessive thinking, is emotionally grounding and supports freer expression of thought, feeling and speech. It is altogether healing on the psyche and the heart, and engenders a profound integration of mind, body and emotion.


Adults & Children over 12yrs: Take 10-15 drops, Children under 12 yrs: Take 5-8 drops, Infants: Take 2-4 drops. To be taken 15 before meals to stimulate appetite.




Ethanolic Extracts of: Sceletium Tortuosum.