Wendy OGrady on Oct 26, 2020

I have used this balm on my face for over a year now and the reduction of sun spots, liver spots and wrinkles has been dramatic. People ask me"what have you done to your skin?!" Excellent for any area on your body with sun damage. 




Anna Hetbst on Nov 17, 2020

I started using this product when I could not sleep. I am so happy with it and sleep like a baby every night. I also dont have any creacking body parts when I wake up in the morning. 😊



Kimball Swarts on Oct 24, 2020

Living a life without pain is truly bliss! I am totally relieved of the severe back pain of pregnancy and childbirth since using CBD care oil. It’s the perfect natural remedy for pain for anyone who can’t take strong harmful over the counter painkillers. I am beyond grateful for this product.



Anna Herbst on Nov 17, 2020

This product is amazing. My Yorkie was diagnosed with IBD and I did not want to give her the tablets and I put her on this cbd oil than Megan suggested. She is doing great on this and her blood test is perfect every time we test her since May this year.



Janine McCoy on Nov 17, 2020

I tried the pet drops when my dog began having seizures again. He had one very mild since, but once I started giving it twice a day, he hasnt had any further. 



Lisa on Nov 14, 2020

I have been giving the oil to my small dog for more than a year now and his epilepsy has improved so much. He has not had a seizure in 10 months. I can really recommend this product. 



Shelley on Oct 23, 2020

this has really helped my Tessa xx she is a very anxious dog who is petrified of the wind and is 11 and her back legs are getting weak. She's 30 kg and I've found I do have to use about 12 drops and it really calms her down. No more running when the wind is coming xx such a good product.


Loraine Baillie on 17 November 2020

Dear CBD in Sedgefield.  I am so impressed with your CBD oil which I have been using for about a month now.  I am 73 years old and have had 2 back fusions with much pain recently.  The Doctor said he would not operate as he would have to fuse the whole spine!!  My daughter in law suggested CBD Oil instead of the 3 painkillers I was taking and Voila! no more medication just CBD Oil.  I will be seeing you soon as my first bottle is nearly finished.  Thank you.