The Team

Megan Steyn – is a qualified Therapeutic Aromatherapist, Hot Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic consultant and registered traditional doctor with the ANHA. She is passionate about the use of medicinal cannabinoids in assisting the treatment of  various ailments. Megan is currently studying for her Naturopathy degree.

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Tanya Peen is a Natural Health Consultant offering guidance and recommendations on preventative health care as well as addressing any current underlying health imbalances. 

Tanya has over 16 years experience in natural health and has trained in many areas of natural health. As well as being a qualified pharmacist, she has a diploma in Iridology, is a certified FirstLine therapist, qualified in Live Blood Analysis and has undertaken herbal, supplement and nutritional training.

She specializes in Live and Layered Blood Analysis (Nutritional Microscopy) which is an important diagnostic tool in identifying underlying imbalances which cannot be identified using conventional methods. 

Tanya also offers Food Intolerance testing, Genetic testing and Hair Analysis.

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