Simply Natural Worms Out Remedy 20g

Simply Natural Worms Out Remedy 20g

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The Simply Natural Worms Out Remedy is a homeopathic de-wormer. Dose once daily for 5 days. For puppies and kittens suggest monthly till 6 months old, then every 3-6 months.

Children or adults dose whenever itching rectum 2- 3 times daily to effect, or for worm prevention dose daily for 5 days every few months. Helps to alleviate the burden of intestinal parasites.

It is advisable to feed a healthy balanced and complete Raw Food diet which allows the body to be in perfect health and balance, thus resisting parasitic infection in the first place.

Effective and safe to use in patients sensitive to toxic burdens such as cancer patients, liver or kidney failure patients and in LIVER SHUNTS.