Pegasus Pet Dermatitis 12c

Pegasus Pet Dermatitis 12c

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General skin conditions, including dermatitis, eczema, mange, dry unhealthy stinging & burning skin.


Ars. alb 6c – Anxious dog – skin dry, rough, scaly and itchy – prone to open cracks – may have small pustular lesions, filled with blood & pus – later reddish, blue larger spots. Exhaustion after exertion, desires small quantities of water frequently. Harsh lustreless hair. (Diarrhoea of cadaverous odour)

Kali-sulph 6c – Psoriasis, eczema and seborrhoea, where burning, itching, papular eruptions present.  Yellow scales with a yellow discharge, which can be slimy, sticky and watery.  Nettle-like rash.  Promotes desquamation (skin-shedding and bacterial infection of skins outer layers.

Kali-ars 30c – More advanced cases which begin to show corrugation of the skin. Intolerable itching – dry scaly wilted skin. Chronic eczema.

Mezereum 6c – Intense itching, eczema of the skin – useful where lesions are chiefly on head and face – scabs coalesce and cover purulent areas.

Psorinum 30c – Eczema's with pronounced musty odour.  Skin is dry with vesicular or pustular lesions.  Dirty looking coat, dry and harsh.  Dry skin with severe itching and burning Eruptions when scratched, lead to ulceration and exude an offensive discharge.  Animal may be’ chilly’ .

Graphites 6c – Affects circulation and nutrition of the skin. Eradicates the tendency to erysipelas (bacterial infection of skins outer layers) /rough hard persistent dryness of keloids and old hard scars.  Scaly foul corrosive secretions, sebaceous cysts and pus smelling like herring-brine. Unhealthy skin with every injury suppurating. Itching – worse for warmth.


5 pillules (dogs & cats) & small animals.
10 pillules (horses & large animals)
Hourly for acute conditions x 3 doses, then 2 -4 hourly x 3 doses. Thereafter, 1 to 3 times daily till well.