Nature Fresh Probiotic Spray 200ml

Nature Fresh Probiotic Spray 200ml

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PROBIOTIC-15 is a liquid concentrate of the three basic families of probiotic strains: lactobacillus, phototropic probiotics (similar to blue-green algae) and beneficial yeasts that do not cause candidiasis. These beneficial microbes consume the trouble making candida! When we take antibiotics and even large and frequent doses of herbs like goldenseal, oregano oil, echinachea or propolis we kill off the beneficial gut microbes as well. In other words, we compromise over 80% of the immune system and that is why we suffer from candida and constipation!

It is not about the amount of each microbe you need but more the variety of strains. Microbes grow by themselves so the latest trend is to provide a larger selection that will then take care of establishing a healthy population of beneficial bacteria. This creates a synergistic effect: more from less because they interact with each other to enhance our health in diverse ways. All we need is a liquid “seeding” concentration of the 15 species and they will grow on food, molasses, yoghurt or even a glass of water at room temperature. The TMA (total microbial action) of PROBIOTIC-15 liquid concentrate doubled within a few days when a teaspoon of it was left in a glass of water at room temperature. It just keeps on growing! 

The daily dose is 5 – 15 ml. This also provides 200mcg of selenium. In South Africa we are deficient in selenium – the antioxidant mineral that helps to prevent cancer and HIV / AIDS.

PROBIOTIC-15 can also be diluted and used on the skin, as a hair rinse, a vaginal douche or as an enema. Use it to soak and sanitize your fruit and vegetables and then tip the water onto your pot plants!  A spray-on version of the PROBIOTIC-15 liquid concentrate with: an additional 10% colloidal silver solution. According to research colloidal silver does not affect the beneficial microbes and it enhances its germ fighting effects. It is great for immune boosting, first aid, to sanitize chopping boards, toilet seats etc. It can be sprayed directly onto food, especially if you do not trust the salad! Treat raw fish, chicken, etc before storing or cooking. Food stays fresher and free of nasty gut bugs. Ideal for lettuce or raw food you eat when don’t trust it