Nature Fresh Calcium Complex Capsules

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Convenient tablets, same formulation and balanced pH (7 neutral) The powder and tablets have been used, tested and recommended by top SA doctors, therapists and gynecologists to treat cramps, osteoporosis and systemic acidity (Live blood analysis proves this). Also for general aches and pains, weak fingernails, loose teeth, weakened thyroids, high blood pressure, diabetes and sleeping problems. Good for restless legs and to calm down the brain.

Controlling blood pressure: Magnesium is also called a calcium channel blocker and this combination of calcium, magnesium, boron and tissue salts helps to prevent the tightening of blood vessels and helps t control hypertension - without the expense and side effects of patent medications. The Olive leaf and Calcium complex is a more specific combination for this and many other ailments.

Magnesium opposes excitatory chemicals like MSG and calcium channels in the brain to facilitate our thinking and memory recall. They are partnered with magnesium in the neural synapses to prevent cortisol from blocking the receptors. When this happens, as it does when we are tense (magnesium deficient), memory cuts out and this is why both MSG (and calcium) accumulate in the brain. It is important to maintain the correct ratio between them.