Miswak Natural Toothbrush

Miswak Natural Toothbrush

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Miswak is a highly effective natural toothbrush alternative. The miswak is known to have many components including natural detergents, resins and fluoride. It is obtained from the finest Arak or Peelu twigs and processed and vacuum packed to preserve its freshness and moisture.

How do you prepare your miswak?

By gently chewing on the tip of the MISWAK, the bark will peel off and the miswak will become like a toothbrush. You can also remove about a half of an inch of the bark with a knife or razor blade. It is recommended that teeth be brushed horizontally. The siwak or sewak, as it is also called, should be stored in a dry place. There are numerous benefits to this form of cleaning the teeth and promoting oral health.

This oral hygiene product is believed to aid in killing bacteria that cause gum disease. It is also believed to help fights cavities, plaque and help eliminate bad breath. Use of the miswak gives a sweet smell to the mouth and is known to increase salivation.  Furthermore, the enzymes from the peelu wood is said to improve the sense of taste and aids in the digestion process. 

Peelu sticks have a natural mild flavor and contain no chemicals, preservatives, sugar or sweeteners. The Alkhair brand is known worldwide for its quality. This miswak is grown, produced and packaged in Pakistan. ***NOTE: being a natural product the thickness of the twigs will vary and they are not always straight as in the photo. Furthermore, the possible health benefits mentioned have not been verified by a dentist or dental hygienist