Heart of Cultures Pure Desiccated Liver

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Desiccated Liver is a rich source of Vitamin B 12, iron, copper, zinc, Vitamin A, Coenzyme Q10, potassium, 16 essential amino acids and heme iron – which increases bio-availability and quick absorption in the body. It prevents anemia, boosts energy and supports liver function. 

Heart of Cultures Pure Desiccated Liver is obtained from healthy free range, pasture fed beef, feeding exclusively on pesticide and chemical FREE lush pastures in the Eastern Cape and the Garden Route. They are raised completely hormone free.

  • Directions:

    2 to 4 capsules per day, taken with food in the morning

  • Dosage:

    Serving Size: 4 capsules

    Desiccated Beef Liver 3000mg (750mg per capsule)

    ** Daily Value not established