Golden Essential Remedies Virex 50ml

Golden Essential Remedies Virex 50ml

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Virex is a must have for every Household.

Virex is specifically formulated to aid the elimination of viruses and boost the immune system. Virex is safe for infants, children & pregnant women.


Viral diseases, including (but not limited to) Herpes viral infections, Coxsackie viral disease, Glandular fever (mononucleosis, Kissing disease), Various viral children diseases (Chickenpox, mumps, measles, German measles (rubella), scarlet fever, etc.), Colds and flu.

Take 10 drops in a little water three times daily. Can be taken more frequently in acute cases.

In acute cases 30 drops of Virex can be added to a 500ml water, take a sip every 30mins.

Contents: Aconitum 5C, Allium sativum 2C,   Arsenicum album SC, Arum triphyllum 5C, Baptisia 2C, Belladonna 5C, Bryonia alba 5C, Croton tigrium 5C, Echinacea 3C, Euphrasia 5C, Ferrum phoshoric 5C, Gelsemium 5C, Hepar sulphuris 15C, Kali muriaticum 5C, Mercurius solubulis 5C, Mezereum 5C, Natrum muriaticum 9C, Pyrogenium 15C, Ranunculus 5C, Rhus toxicodendron 9C, Veratrum album 5C, Zincum sulphuricum 3C, Nosode Complex 15C, Echinacea MT, in a 20% alcohol solution

Safe for all ages and pregnant women.

Very Important: Virex is not suitable for HIV Positive Patients.

Complimentary Remedies:

Fever Blister Zap is most effective against herpes viral diseases, including Smallpox, Genital Herpes, Shingles and Fever Blisters. It can be used instead of Virex, or in aggressive cases, together with Virex. Aches and Pain Ointment can be applied externally on lesions. Colds and Flu relief in relevant cases.

Golden Essential Remedies are formulated by Upington's Homeopath Dr Christiaan Van Schalkwyk