Golden Essential Remedies Aches & Bruises Relief Ointment 100ml

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Aches & Bruises Relief Ointment

A must have for every household, especially with kids around.

Can be used to relieve pain from arthritis, rheumatism, sprains, dislocations, headache, earache, toothache, inflammation in the joints and muscles, after fractures to contain pain and swelling. Post-traumatic swelling of the tissue.
5% herbal and homeopathic mixture in Ung Emulsified Aquousum, Arnica D3, Calendula MT, Hamamelis MT, Echinacea MT, Chamomilla MT, Symphytum MT Bellis perennis MT, Hypericum MT,  Millefolium MT, Aconitum D1, Belladonna D1, Ferrum phos D8, Mag phos D8, Hepar sulphuris 06. 
Directions for use:
Earache: Rub behind ear.

Toothache: Rub externally on cheek over affected area.

Headache: Rub on forehead, side of head and neck.

Rub on affected area when needed, can be repeated often in acute cases and injuries.
Do not use on open Wounds. External use only.

Safe for all ages and pregnant women.

Golden Essential Remedies are formulated by Upington's Homeopath Dr Christiaan Van Schalkwyk