Gaia Eye Zone Serum 30ml (Premium Gold Range)

Gaia Eye Zone Serum 30ml (Premium Gold Range)

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The skin around your eyes is exceptionally fine and delicate and this Plant Serum is specifically formulated for this area, where conventional creams are too heavy.


Apply a few drops from the pipette to a (clean) finger and starting under the eye area gently pat into the freshly cleansed skin. This product can also be used on the neck and chest areas as an occasional regenerative booster.

This product is also extra highly enriched with the finer more penetrating Omega-6, Evening Primrose and Omega-3 Flax Seed essential fatty acids.

* Best used at night.  Add a few drop to the Pigment Controlling Night Cream for an extra boost.


Cold-pressed Jojoba, Sesame, Flax, Evening Primrose and Coconut oils, carrier oils, vitamins A, C & E and essential oils of Neroli, Rose Pelargonium & Ginger. Preserved with oil soluble Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate)

Caution: Avoid contact with the eyes and other sensitive skin areas.

Paraben free.

Beauty Without Cruelty endorsed.

Vegan and Vegetarian compliant.