Earthsap Window & Glass Cleaner

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This glass cleaner leaves no streaks an is 100% solvent free with only natural ingredients for a cleaner with a difference! It smells wonderful but leaves no unpleasant fumes nor harmful residues - the perfect dual-functioning cleaner for an ecoo-friendly home.

Earth Sap Window Cleaner is formulated and tested together with their micro-biologists, and is based on pure simple ingredients. Only pure essential oils are used for fragrance.This product is safe for you, your family, pets and the environment and is completely bio-degradable. It doesn’t harm aquatic life or affect marine plant growth.

Pour a little on a cloth and clean gently glass or other surface. Or spray directly onto glass and wipe off with a dry cloth. For other surfaces leave for a few seconds before wiping. Use to clean glass, mirrors, steel, marble and other hard surfaces.

Saponified vegetable/coconut extract, natural alcohol, citric acid, citrus and essential oils, purified water