Earthsap Septic System cleaner

Earthsap Septic System cleaner

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For Septic Tanks Commercial Waste Water Pit Toilets/ Latrines Portable Toilets Slurry Lagoons Sewage Pits Earthsap drain cleaners microbials which release organisms that breakdown fats, oil and grease without the use of toxic harmful chemicals

No artificial fragrances No Synthetic dyes or sles NO animal/ GM ingredients No testing on animals NO EDTA or other toxic chemicals Safe for Septic Tanks

Ingredients: Saponified coconut extract, micro organisms, sodium carbonate, citric acid, lavender, aniseed, citrus essential oil

Directions: Resdential Septic Tanks (upto 4000 liters) Liquid – 300ml per month Dry – 129ml per month Commercial Septic Tanks (upto 4000 liters) Liquid – 475 ml per week Dry – 240ml per week