Earthsap Drain Maintenance Cleaner

Earthsap Drain Maintenance Cleaner

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Earthsap drain cleaner, uses microbials which release organisms that breakdown fats, oils and grease, cleaning without the use of toxic, harmful chemicals.



Tough on dirt but gentle on the environment.


Always use when drain is quiet or at night.

  • Drain Lines: For home: slow running drains - run hot water for 30 seconds. Then dose 100ml directly into the drain for 3 days. Maintenance - use 100ml weekly.
  • Commercial Drains: Slow running - 240ml per week.
  • Floor Drains: Slow running - treat daily for 5 days. (min 125ml with 8 liters of water). Maintenance - dose with the above weekly.
  • Grease Traps: (up to 800l) - 300ml per day.


Purified water, saponified Vegetable Extract (source Coconuts/Corn),citric acid, micro organisms, sodium carbonate, oils of lavender, aniseed, citrus, Salt