Earthsap Bath Salts  - Mustard

Earthsap Bath Salts - Mustard

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A century old formula used by physiotherapists for treatment of muscular aches, sore feet, skin disorders, or simply to relax and revive ones body.

Our products do not contain components that are toxic and they don’t create fumes or leave residues that may affect the health of humans and pets. Our products contain no dyes, and are never tested on animals. Our ingredients are sourced from many countries, but from SA where ever possible.

• Hypo-allergenic.
• No harsh smelling ingredients and therefore no need for overpowering synthetic fragrances and masking agents.
• Intense research and testing has gone to ensure that EarthsapTM products work well.
• Packaging for easy use and dosage.
• Our products are never tested on animals.

* No petrochemicals
* No artificial dyes or preservatives
* No synthetic fragrances
* No sodium laureth sulphate

Put a few scoops in bath, relax and enjoy.

sea salt, mustard seed, peppermint, lemon, orange, lavender, epsom salts.