Danie Theron's Comfrey Tea

Danie Theron's Comfrey Tea

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Theron’ s Comfrey Wonder Tea is a most effective herbal remedy known. It is versatile, safe and it works wonderfully well for many ailments. Use it regularly and you will surely feel better.

Theron’s Comfrey Wonder Tea is used for the following ailments : Weight Loss, Cancer, T.B., Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, Gout, psoriasis, eczema, sinus, bronchitis, duodenal ulcers and many other stomach troubles, varicose veins, piles and blood circulation. Comfrey Tea is a very good tonic. It builds up stamina, fights off tiredness, Virility and improving the Body’s Immune System. Weight Loss – The high nutritional value satisfies, thus discourages overeating.

Theron’s Comfrey Wonder Tea Product Specification ALKALOID FREE!! Comfrey. Leaf Tea ground to + 2 mm cut size.

Type 2 Diabetes – A study conducted at the faculty of medicine at University of Zimbabwe reported that Comfrey has a marked activity on glucose levels in humans and thus can therefor confirm claims made that Comfrey has and anti diabetic effect and can therefore reduced the dependency on insulin injections.

The evidence is that Comfrey compliments the human digestion rather well making use of the following : Allantoin – the healing factor : influencing the cells whereby their resistance, stability and immunity are established and their proliferation promoted. Potassium and magnesium

It stimulates the blood circulation and keeps the veins pliable, thus controlling blood pressure.

Protein – It contains a very high percentage of protein plus vitamins B12, A and C, carbohydrates, many mineral and trace elements.

A good tonic.