Sceletia Honeybush & Sceletium Tea 20 bags

Sceletia Honeybush & Sceletium Tea 20 bags

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This delicious tea is made from two ingredients that hold very powerful natural, nutritional properties. Sceletia Honeybush with Sceletium Tea is an energy boost in a cup, high in antioxidants, antiviral properties and flavour. Sceletium is a rare mood-enhancing, indigenous plant that has been used for natural remedies by the South African Khoisan for hundreds of years. Now, we too are benefitting from its energy boosting, stress relieving and anti-depressant properties.

Sceletia has infused the sweet flavour of Honeybush, with the mood-elevating properties of Sceletium in a tea that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Made using environmentally friendly, sustainable growing and harvesting practices, Sceletia Honeybush with Sceletium Tea is there to give you that little boost, when your enthusiasm and energy is waning.

Key Benefits

  • Great at relieving stress
  • Can also be used to relieve hunger cravings
  • Has high levels of antioxidants and nutrients
  • Caffeine free
  • Low in tannin

Sceletium offers mood-enhancing properties and is the perfect antidote to stress. It also has anti-depressant qualities and has also be known to reduce hunger cravings, boost concentration and is believed to help balance the central nervous system. Honeybush is equally as beneficial, with its abundance of antioxidants and nutrients. It’s caffeine free and low in tannin, which reduces the risk of high blood pressure and also helps control fat levels and cholesterol.

This tea has been dubbed “calm in a cup” or "the cup that cheers", and with so many beneficial properties, it’s easy to see why.


Sceletium Tortuosum 50mg  and Cyclopia spp. (Honeybush) 2.5g.