Willow L-Lysine 50 Capsules

Willow L-Lysine 50 Capsules

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Willow L-Lysine is useful to treat herpes infection, collagen and muscle breakdown. L-Lysine inhibits the herpes virus. It prevents and relieves cold sores for herpes type 1 and 2, as well as shingles and mouth sores. It is important for collagen synthesis for healthy skin, ligaments, and tendons. Lab and animal studies suggest that this essential amino acid could inhibit HPV multiplication.

Maintenance and prevention: 1-2 per day
Acute: 1000-3000mg of lysine per day for type 1 & 2 herpes (such cold sores, shingles and chicken pox), during attack and 1000-2000mg lysine daily for prevention. L-Lysine is best utilized when taken on an empty stomach.
Children under 12: half dose, 6 and younger: quarter dose. Capsule can be opened.

Capsules contain 400mg L-lysine