Willow Vitamin B12 30 Capsules

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Vitamin B12 can only be manufactured by gut bacteria, so is often deficient in persons with digestive ailments, pregnant women, the elderly and in vegetarians/vegans as the main source of B12 in the modern diet is animal products. However, synthetic forms are widely available and some plant sources, such as Chlorella and Spirulina contain B12. Vitamin B12 can be consumed in large doses because excess is excreted by the body or stored in the liver for use when supplies are scarce. Stores of B12 can last for up to a year. 

It is very important for iron absorption, energy and to prevent dementia. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and anaemia.

Take one capsule daily. Best taken with Willow Vitamin B complex.

Methyl cobalamine 500mcg