Pegasus Pet Renal

Pegasus Pet Renal

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In support of more chronic Kidney & Bladder issues; blood in urine, bladder retension, kidney stones,
involuntary urination and incontinence.


Arsenicum  album  12c -  Burning pain in bladder. Exhaustion especially after least excretion with unquenchable thirst. Tearing pain in urethra with burning at commencement of urination.  Urine scanty, frequent urging with profuse discharge and dark brown urine, as in acute cystitis. Haematuria; sediment of red sand mixed with pus and blood.  Nocturnal enuresis and involuntary dribbling – blood in the urine.

Benzoic acid 6c - Foul ammoniacal odour as of horse urine – hot burning, dark reddish – as of brownish coloured wine.  Often granular mucous/sediment in urine.  Dissolves calculi, relieving gouty or arthritic symptoms. Irritability of bladder with muco-purulent discharge concomitant of any morbid condition. Weakness in loins. Nephritic colic.

Berberis 30c - Pain in region of kidneys.  Useful in renal vesical trouble – gallstones/ kidney stones and sediment passed as dilates ureters, thereby relieving inflammation and pain in passing of stones.  Wonderful uric acid diathesis aiding in gout, arthritis & kidney problems.  Pain in thighs /loins on urinating – sensation as if urine left behind post urination.  Violent burning, sticking, cutting pain from kidneys to bladder during and after urination.  Urine varies from thick mucousy bright red with mealy sediment, to pale yellow with transparent gelatinous sediment. Renal colic & dysuria.

Calculus renas 6c – The potentized kidney stone, which according to homeopathic principle, dissolves the stones.

Cantharis 30c – Intolerable urging with cutting, burning, pain – Urine passes in bloody drops. Constant desire with only drops passed.  Acute inflammation of bladder & kidneys – Nephritis.  Animal may be hydrophobic. Membranous scales, looking like bran in water.

Highly inflammatory character with cystitis, nephritis and renal colic being acute, involuntary urination or dribbling after urination.  Atony of bladder, from long retention of urine.

Equisetum 12c - Its principle action is on the bladder- useful in enuresis & dysuria.

Sever, dull feeling of fullness in bladder.  Sharp urine flows drop by drop.  Retentions and dysuria during pregnancy. Much mucous in urine (after standing a short time) – Albuminuria.

Nocturnal enuresis and irritable bladder.  Incontinence of older dogs.

Ocimum canum 6c – Useful in diseases of the kidney, bladder & urethra.  Uric acid diathesis- dissolves crystals – red sand in urine is a chief characteristic. Swelling of glands, inguinal and mammary – Renal colic and calculi. Pronounced urine can be saffron colour or thick & purulent with an intolerable smell of musk.


5 pillules (dogs & cats) & small animals.
10 pillules (horses & large animals)
Hourly for acute conditions x 3 doses, then 2 -4 hourly x 3 doses. Thereafter, 1 to 3 times daily till well.