Nature Fresh Parasite Remedy 200ml

Nature Fresh Parasite Remedy 200ml

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Parasites can affect anyone, but persons suffering from a weakened immune system, leaky gut or an imbalanced gut flora, may be more susceptible.  Parasites can cause a number of problems in the body, ranging from diarhhea, vomiting, heartburn, chills, stomach cramps, fatigue, constipation or even loss of appetite.  Cleansing the body of parasites is very important.

Nature Fresh Herbal Parasite Remedy provides you with a natural way to eliminate parasites in the family.  It may prevent joint erosion from parasites.  This product also helps with large parasites like worms and flukes, protozoa (Malaria) and microbe like viruses.  This is not antibiotic and will not harm gut flora.

Ingredients - Each Capsule Contains:  

10% Herbal extract in 20% Ethanol

45% Olive leaf - candidiasis, moulds, viruses, colds and flu

25% Artemisia Annua / Afra (Wormwood) - traditional dewormer and fluke (Bilharzia) remedy.  Used for fever, malaria and cancer.

15% Cloves (Eugenia caryophylata) - used for worm eggs and mycotoxins in the gut.

15% Ivy (Heder Helix) - used for coughs and tight chest to clear mucous.

Directions for use (or as directed by your healthcare practitioner):

Take 2 or 3 doses per day 1 week of every month.  For chronic infections: take 1 or 2 doses every other day.

Shake the bottle.  Add each dose taken to 30 - 50ml water.  It can also be applied to skin.

Adult dose: 10 - 15ml

Children: 3 - 5ml (mixed with water or fruit juice)

Babies over 1 year: 2 - 3ml

Warning: Not for pregnant women.  Consult your doctor if you take cardiovascular, diabetic, HIV or TB medications at the same time.  Some herbs can duplicate (enhance) or interfere with their effects.  Ask about topical use on skin, fingernails and ulcers.  You can apply undiluted for scabies, ringworm, fungal, etc.