Natural Solutions Kidney Support

Natural Solutions Kidney Support

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This supplement has been formulated to help people with painful little pebbles, which affect more men than women.  Majority of kidney stones are composed of calcium, and a small number consist of uric acid or a substance called struvite.

Stones form in the kidneys when an imbalance occurs between th amounts of water, calcium oxalate, uric acid and phosphate that are normally present in the urine.

They can also form when the Ph (the acidity or alkalinity) of urine is abnormal or when the kidney’s normal protective mechanisms are overloaded.

Other factors are dehydration, obstructed urine flow, gout, chemical toxicity, and prescription drugs.  When a stone is moving through the narrow urinary it causes excruciating pain in the sides, usually below the ribs.  The pain sometimes radiates into the lower abdomen or even the leg.  Sometimes the pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever and chills.  If a stone blocks the flow of urine it can lead to infections and even to permanent kidney damage.

It is a good idea to have 4 glasses of 1/2 lemon n fresh water to drink during the day.  Not cold water, but room temperature.

Herbal Rose-Hip tea and Parsley tea one cup of each during the day helps.

We recommend you take 2 capsules after each meal of this supplement with 1 Natural Solutions Kidney Support, and  1 capsule of Natural SolutionsCalcification Remover after each meal.

Include drinking Wheat Grass, and 8 glasses of clean water daily.

Cell salts to help you are Calc Fluor helping to dissolve stones, Calc Phos helps normalise calcium absorption or removal, and Mag Phos to help shooting pains and relax muscles.  If pain is high you can take 10 tablets of Mag Phos (tissue salt # 8) and dissolve in 250ml of boiling water – sip a excellent pain aid.

We do recommend you work with your doctor as if this is a stone larger than 4cm you may need surgery to help remove it.

Warning – our supplements have not been endorsed by the MCC and are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.  We always recommend you work with your healthcare professional, or doctor treating any ailment.

We do not recommend taking any herbal supplement while on any Chronic Medication.  Do not take herbal supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You are welcome to contact us for any further information.