Lady of the Herbs Ulcer Blend

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This botanical blend strengthens the stomach lining and its defence against free radicals. It heals and prevents and relieve gastric ulceration caused by stress due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-stress effects. This, along with its immunomodulatory effects, makes it useful for Celiac’s disease, IBS, as well as any condition with red, hot and inflamed tissues.



Acute Cases: 20-30 drops 3 x per day 

Maintenance: 20-30 drops 1-2 x per day


Dilute in a small amount of water. Shake before use. Store in a cool, dark place. Take a 10-day break after every 6 weeks of use.


Do not take when pregnant. Consult with your medical healthcare practitioner before taking any herbs while on medication.


Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola), Eriocephalus Africanus (Wild Rosemary), Lessertia Frutescens (Cancerbush), Natural Sugarcane Alcohol, Rain Water