Golden Essential Remedies Feverblister Zap 25g Pillules

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Strengthens the immune system and acts directly to weaken and eliminate the
fever blister /herpes virus and to promote healing of sores.
Indications: Formulated to combat fever blisters as well as other herpes viral infections, including chickenpox and shingles
Contents: Apis Mellifica 9CH, Herpes nosode 15CH, Hepar sulphuris 15CH, Mezereum 5CH, Natrum muriaticum 9CH, Pyrogenium 15CH, Rhus toxicodendron 5CH par eq. a.a.
Directions for use: Dissolve 5 pills in a clean mouth three times daily before meals. Do not handle pills with your hands. decant into lid and straight into mouth. Should be taken over an extended period of time to prevent recurring cases.
Golden Essential Remedies are formulated by Upington's Homeopath Dr Christiaan Van Schalkwyk