Golden Essential Remedies Cramp & Colic Relief ointment 50ml

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Cramp and Colic Relief Ointment

Anti-spasmodic, smooth muscle relaxant.

This remedy was originally formulated to help colic babies. It reduces the symptoms of colic by relaxing the intestines and reducing bloating (helping them to pass gas more easily). Due to the anti- spasmodic effect of the peppermint extract it can also be used by adults to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and stomach cramping (for example during a spell of diarrhoea). It also aids the digestive process and reduces the uncomfortableness due to overeating. It may also alleviate menstrual cramps in certain cases.


Safe for infants, children and adults.

Directions for use:
Rub a fingertip full of ointment on stomach when needed for cramps colic.
Rub behind legs to relieve sore and heavy legs due to varicose veins.
Ung Emuls Aquousum, Olea menthae piperitea 4%, Tinctura Menthae piperitae 2%, Mag phos D8 0.5%, Cale phos D8 0.5%
Golden Essential Remedies are formulated by Upington's Homeopath Dr Christiaan Van Schalkwyk