Gaia Fruit Acid Concentrate 30ml (Premium Gold Range)

Gaia Fruit Acid Concentrate 30ml (Premium Gold Range)

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The Gold range is enhanced with enriched oils of Jojoba and Sesame (both organically sourced) as well as organic Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, high doses of Hyaluronic Acid (nucleic proteins derived from the Kombucha Symbiont matrix, Vitamin A & C.

The importance of Fruit Acid toners

Contrary to popular advertising myths, the first available natural alpha-hydroxy fruit acid preparations in the world, were conceived, formulated and manufactured by the Gaia Research Institute, years before their current worldwide popularity.

Since then many have followed their lead as science validated the amazing ability of properly used fruit acids to turn back the years in terms of visible aging. Today Gaia still leads the field with genuine fruit acid preparations rather than the harsh cheap mimics (usually sugar-cane derived glycolic acid) used by most other manufacturers.

Their genuine Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid Toners deep cleanse the skin, including the portals of the pores, via natural herbal organic acids and essential oil solvents, which dissolve contaminated, oxidised and rancid sebum not reached by conventional cleansers.

AHA and botanical astringents, on constricting the pores, cause dissolved spent wastes to ooze to the surface and be easily removed by wiping with cotton wool.

Natural fruit acids in our bodies:

Centuries ago, humans were primarily fruit eaters and so evolved an exquisite protective acid mantle of natural fruit acids brought to the skin during perspiration. Now, our specially extracted alpha-hydroxy fruit acids can provide leading-edge visible age control that optimise the many natural functions of the skin. Fruit acids are important because:

  • significantly improve texture and appearance within 4-8 weeks of daily use, without the risk of sensitisation or skin damage
  • redefine texture and visibly smooth out and retard development of fine wrinkles and reduce the severity of deeper wrinkles
  • naturally stimulate, via polypeptide signalling, the production of collagen and elastin.
  • It is important to use a moisturizer with a slight sunscreen for day use such as Bio Nutricell (green or gold); Day Defence cream; Cell Regenerating cream as the skin is rendered slightly more vulnerable to UV light.

Chemical peels can leave disastrous permanent blemishes.


After using the appropriate toner for your skin for approximately 12 weeks, you can start adding drops of the concentrate to the toner on the dampened cotton wool. This effectively strengthens the toner.

Start by using just 1 drop every few days, and increase very slowly until you are using the extra drop every day. You may eventually increase to 2 and eventually 3 drops.

Remember: Strengthening the toner is only necessary if treating wrinkled skin. The original toner formula is adequate in order to optimise skin turnover.

Caution: Never apply the product repeatedly or beyond the first stinging sensation. Never apply to inflamed skin except blemishes. Use an appropriate sunscreen when using this product. Avoid eyes and surrounding eye socket area.


Purified rainwater, Green Tea (extracts), natural AHA fruit acids, Lactic and Ascorbic acids, Lavender* and German Chamomile.

*organically sourced

Beauty Without Cruelty endorsed.