Earthsap Tea Tree Foot Spray

Earthsap Tea Tree Foot Spray

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Earthsap’s natural deodorising foot spray formula feels good and smells great, plus it’s made with a blend of biodegradable botanicals that are gentle on the Earth as well as your skin. Enriched with nourishing vitamin E; suitable for all skin types.


The pure and simple Ingredients in Earthsap’s foot spray work wonders for your skin without the need for harsh synthetic chemicals.

  • Tea Tree oil One of nature’s most powerful antiseptics; Tea Tree oilcombats bacteria and fungi, preventing conditions like athlete’s foot and banishing bad odours.
  • Mint Oil: Has cooling properties and helps to control excess oil.
  • Lavender Oil: An antiseptic oil with a clean, fresh aroma.
  • Oragnce Oil: A gentle natural cleanser and antiseptic, with a fresh citrus fragrance.
  • Vitamin E: Packed full of skin-loving antioxidants.

Keep that spring in your step with a foot spray formula that’s free of petrochemicals, preservatives, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances and SLS.


Spray directly onto your feet twice a day or after exercise.


Water, Ethyl Alcohol, sea salt, Vitamon E, Tea Tree Oil, Mint Oil, Orange Oil, Lavender oil