Willow Sceletium 60 Capsules

Willow Sceletium 60 Capsules

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Sceletium has significant mood elevating and anti anxiety/stress properties and is considered to be at least 10 times more effective than St John’s Wort. It is also effective with ADHD children as it acts as a calming euphoriant and gives the user a calmer, grounded feeling and better focus. The evidence is clear that long term, Sceletium can be used to transform negative stress into positive energy and to enhance concentration and is suitable for ADHD children. Used in addictive disorders (including smoking and alcohol) and in drug rehabilitation programs.

Enhances serotonin function in the brain, thus is very useful for mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Can also be used for fibromyalgia and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Take 1 capsule 3 times per day

Ingredients in capsules:
Sceletium tortuosum 50mg

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