Vida Heal Pain Therapy Powder

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Pain is usually caused by an injury to the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves. This can be caused by jerking movements, car accidents, falls, fractures, sprains, dislocations and direct blows to the muscle. Musculoskeletal pain can also be caused by overuse;    this pain affects 33% of adults.

Disease can also cause pain to joints.  This can interfere with your ability to move and also cause a lot of pain.  Joint pain is extremely common and can be the result of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains and other injuries.

It is often associated with a Mineral deficiency in the body.  To stay strong and pain free, your bones require a variety of minerals and vitamins, including calcium and vitamin D.

VIDA HEAL PAIN BONE AND MUSCLE COMPLEX is a superior supplement beneficial to most individuals:

*Containing all vital vitamins, minerals and tissue salts to correct imbalances or deficiencies in the body’s cell nutrition;   helping the body to restore itself to health.

*Contains potent anti-inflammatory properties, beneficial to treat osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis and tenosynovitis; therefore effective in reducing pain.

*Contains important trace minerals - essential for growth and maintenance of bones.  

*Supporting immunity due to a magnificent blend vitamins, minerals and trace elements – in adequate quantities for daily intake.

*Produced in powder form for more efficient absorption. 

VIDA HEAL PAIN BONE AND MUSCLE COMPLEX will relieve pain by supplementing with the necessary Vitamins and Minerals, to naturally restore the bone and muscle to its original, PAIN FREE, strong form.