Sangoma Secrets Spray - Day blend 100ml

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Deodorant, Insect Repellent and air freshener with natural odour absorption
Ideal for people, pets, home, office and car

Spray Away provides a practical alternative to smudging in a confined area. The imphepho mist also serves as a deodorant and insect repellent. Now that’s imphepho magic – protection throughout the day and night! A unique room and body spray made out of imphepo and essential oils that can be used instead of burning the dried herb to equal effect. Furthermore, the insect repelling properties as well as the air freshening and deodorising effects of these Sangoma sprays are both practical as well as reassuring. Zinc Ricinolate (from castor oil) is a natural odour absorber. Fragrant herbal extracts have antimicrobial and insect repelling properties.

Special herbal ingredients:
African: Helicrysum (Imphepho species), Artemisia Afra (Wilde Als), Eriocephalus Africanus (Wild Rosemary), Salvia Africana (Wild Sage), Coleonema Calciynum (Buccu), Zinc Ricinolate (natural chemical free odour absorber / controller from castor oil beans) Essential oils: Lavandula (lavender), Helicrysum Gymnocephalum (Imphepho)
Other ingredients: Purified water, Baleni salt, Carbopol Gel,Urea,Methyl Hydroxy- benzoate, Propylene Hydroxybenzoate, Tapioca starch, Beeswax, food grade alcohol, Cithrol GMS A/S, Mineral oil, 315, Sorbitan stearate, Sunflower oil.
Shake up and spray away!
Spray arms and legs, hats, pillows, personal spaces etc. It can be applied as an underarm, foot or pet deodorant cum insect repellent. Enjoy as a deodorising air freshener for the home, toilet, workplace or car. Avoid eyes, sensitive spots or if you, babies or pets are found to be sensitive to any of the ingredients.
Traditional African herblore: Imphepho and other sacred cleansing plants are traditionally respected for their ability to ward off evil spirits, diseases, insects and misfortune. Secret Sangoma herbs and Baleni salt are also associated with wealth, luck, protection and a happy love life.