POWR Nutrients Daikon Radish

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With our focus on producing only the best and most nutritious power nutrients, we grow our own organic and source daikon radish seeds from a non-GMO, open-pollinated supplier. Our product contains no additives, just 100 % pure daikon radish seeds. Powr Nutrients Freeze-dried + Blended Daikon Radish Seeds are naturally gluten free, suitable for vegans and have a subtle nutty flavour.


The daikon radish plant is well-known for its health benefits, so it makes sense that the seeds would be even more nutritious. Our freeze-dried and blended daikon radish seeds have been tested to yield the highest source of the plant compound glucoraphenin. When eaten, this compound will break down and release sulforaphene.


Sulforaphene is a bioactive molecule that can turn on powerful mechanisms of cell defence by activating a biochemical protein in our body called Nrf2. Nrf2 helps to regulate other antioxidant proteins against free radicals and prevent oxidative damage, protecting further damage to our cells, tissues and organs. Sulforaphene has been shown to assist the body in cleaning up our cells which accumulate toxins daily from the world around us.


Just a ¼ teaspoon of Powr Nutrients Freeze-dried + Blended Daikon Radish Seeds can make a significant difference in your health over
time (see nutritional table). You could also take it twice a day for an even greater impact. Each 36 g bottle contains 60 servings of 0.6 g (¼ tsp). We have conveniently included a ¼ teaspoon scoop in every box.

**Note: This product is packed with nutrients, but is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Caution: Not tested in pregnancy and lactation.


The daikon radish seeds are freeze-dried to lock in the goodness and then blended to make them easy to use. This coarse powder has a subtle nutty flavour and can be enjoyed in your morning smoothie, sprinkled over cereal, salads or even on your avocado toast.


We pride ourselves in being a sustainably run, family business. Our product is produced with no harmful chemicals and only the best organic and non-GMO heirloom seeds. It is clinically tested and processed with no additives, just pure daikon radish seeds.


There are many processes that help to preserve food, but not too many that don’t affect the nutritional value, especially for such a nutrient-dense product, like our seeds. Freeze-drying doesn’t use heat, but rather vacuum freezing, in a process known as sublimation. This carefully removes moisture from the food without damaging it and retains the vitamins, minerals and other plant compounds. The process also helps to retain the subtle nutty flavour of the seeds, giving a more appealing end-result than dehydration. Our independent lab tests have shown this process is able to retain the amount of bioactive needed to benefit our cells.

  • Increased shelf-life: this means that we are able to grow, process and package the goodness of daikon radish seeds, with a longer shelf-life, and minimum waste.

  • Nutritional value: vitamins, minerals and important nutrients found in daikon radish seeds can be damaged by heat. Freeze-drying retains up to 97 % of the nutritional value.

  • Less waste: because freeze-drying preserves the seeds, there is less wastage.

  • Flavour: the process retains the subtle taste of fresh seeds.


Powr Nutrients  are a family run business with our home base at our organic farm in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Their passion for healthy, sustainable living is a core value of our business. Through research they discovered that the nutrient density of vegetable seeds, specifically the health benefits of the bioactive molecule, sulforaphene, found in daikon radish seeds, can be an incredible power nutrient.


Powr Nutrients was founded in 2021 with the goal of developing a premium, nutrient-dense power nutrient that can easily be added to your daily meals. They combine the health benefits of daikon radish seeds with freeze-drying technology to create a superior, natural, health product – nutritionally-packed freeze-dried and blended daikon radish seeds.