Pegasus Teething, Pain & Fever 30c

Pegasus Teething, Pain & Fever 30c

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A homeopathic remedy for teething in children. It soothes the child who is restless, irritable, feverish and clingy.
This remedy is also useful in adults with dental pain and toothache.
Useful in childhood fevers too, it allows the body to use a fever as a healing tool.


Remedy Symptoms covered by specific remedy
Arnica montana 30c Hot head and cold body, night sweats with shivering over the whole body. Painful, inflamed gums during teething, soreness of gums after tooth extraction, tingling in gums, toothache.
Arsenicum album 30c High temperatures, cold sweats with thirst. Patient feels cold externally but burns with internal heat. Restless with marked exhaustion. Gums bleed easily, sensitive teeth.
Belladonna 30c Sudden intense fever and inflammation. Dry, burning heat without chills. Face and body burning hot while hands and feet are icy cold. Face flushed red and pupils dilated during fever. Eyes look bright or glassy. Earache, painful swelling of gums that are typically red and hot.
Chamomilla 30c The “opium of homeopathy”. Especially useful in children for teething pain. Patient may feel restless, irritable, over-sensitive and thirsty; they cannot endure the pain and demand analgesics. Hot, clammy sweat on forehead and scalp; chilly yet easily overheated; hot breath. Toothache, earache, diarrhoea during teething.
Gelsemium 30c Alternating fever & chills with sweating. No thirst. Chills run up and down the spine. Feelings of weakness.
Pulsatilla pratensis 30c Whining and weeping with pain, needs to be held and carried. Fever with no thirst.



One dose is 3-5 pillules sucked under the tongue in a clean mouth, this applies to adults, children and animals alike.
In acute conditions, dose every half hour for 3 doses then every hour for 3 doses.
Thereafter dose 2 – 4 hourly as required for 3-5 days.

As a general rule, if a positive response has not been seen within 24-48 hours, please consult with your homeopathic practitioner or your General Practitioner.