OH! Nebulise - 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

OH! Nebulise - 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

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OH!   Nebulise - Food Grade hydrogen peroxide for nebulising and many other uses 
  • Known to treat viral & and bacterial infections, bronchitis, colds, flu, cold sores, fungal infections, sore throats, persistent coughs, wound care & many more.

  • May be used as a mouth wash and to gargle.

  • May be used as a Throat or Nasal spray.

  • With prior consultation with your medical practitioner - may be used, at the correct dilution, in a nebulizer to treat viral & bacterial infections.

  • Use in a Humidifier to disinfect rooms or offices.

Dosages - How to use

OH! Nebulise / Multi Purpose

Our preferred method for administering H2O2 is through nebulising.  Quite simply - let the lungs do what they were designed to do - oxygenate the body.  

Utilising a Nasal / Throat spray can be very effective and easy to use. 

Drinking small quantities is explained below, however drinking H2O2 should be used to balance the gut, and it is not as effective at getting H2O2 into the blood stream as using a nebuliser. 

To simply re-oxygenate your body, use a humidifier next to your bed at night.

We make no medical claims or recommendations, other than to to reflect here a summary of the substantial documentation supporting H2O2 having being used to treat numerous conditions with these methods and at these dosages, including for COVID. 

Nasal / Throat Spray:

For colds, flu, viruses, bacterial infections, sinusitis and allergies. Use a nasal spray bottle and dilute 1 cc (ml) to 5cc (ml) of water. Spray 2 puffs into each nostril and/or to the back of the throat, three to four times a day. Maintenance & general wellness spray once or twice a day.  If this dilution is comfortable for you then try a dilution of 1 cc (ml) to 4 cc (ml).  Then try 1 to 3 and even up to 1 to 1. 


Dont forget you ears.  For colds, flu, bacterial infection, viruses, wax build up, ear-ache, sinusitis and tinnitus. Use a dropper to insert 2 to 3 drops in each ear and allow to bubble for 2- 5 min, 1 to 2 times per day.

Nebuliser / Humidifier

For colds, flu viruses, bacterial infections, sinusitis, allergies, bronchitis, emphysema, smokers cough, and all illnesses. Nebulising not only contacts, the nasal passages, sinuses, throat and the lungs but also enters the bloodstream where pathogens and toxins will be oxidised. This is our favoured method of treating all illnesses and to maintain excellent health. 

When you start using 3% H2O2, Dilute 1 cc (ml) to 5cc (ml) of water and nebulise for a minimum of 10 min, at least 3 to 4 times per day while symptoms persist.

If this dilution is comfortable for you then try a dilution of 1 cc (ml) to 4 cc (ml).  Then try 1 to 3 and even 1 to 1.

We recommend using bottled water or saline.  Distilled water may be used but is not necessary.  If you only have tap water, preferably use water that has been previously boiled and cooled.

Everyone has a different response to nebulising.  Find the dilution that you feel comfortable with. At anytime you experience hoarseness, tingling or or coughing, dilute further. 

When you are exposed to anyone who has a virus, nebulise after contact. For prevention nebulise morning and evening.  

Maintenance & general wellness, nebulise at least 3 times per week. ​

Please consult you medical practitioner if you have any existing condition of lungs, ears, nose or throat prior to nebulising