OH! Mini Sanitiser - 1% Hydrogen Peroxide

OH! Mini Sanitiser - 1% Hydrogen Peroxide

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Keep the 100 ml bottle in your car, pocket or handbag:

  • You may decline being sprayed with alcohol on entering a shop by showing you carry your own sanitiser and sanitise in front of them with your OH!

  • Disinfect / sterilise hands, gloves, face masks, counters, tables, hard surfaces.

  • Disinfect ATM keyboards, elevator buttons, escalator handles, toilet seats

  • Disinfect credit cards, cash and coins, mobile phones - especially if they have been handled by someone else

  • Disinfect gym/sports equipment

  • Disinfect shopping trolleys and basket handles

  • Disinfect car steering wheels, gearsticks, handbrake, touchscreens and controls - especially if your car has been used by someone else, serviced or been in the panel beater. Use similarly if using a hire car.

  • Disinfect airline - bus - train armrests and tray tables, crockery cutlery and glassware. We recommend the same in restaurants

  • Pretty much disinfect anything that may have been used or touched by someone else