Moringa Powder 100g

Moringa Powder 100g

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Health Benefits of Moringa

- Prevents inflammation

- Helps to improve body immunity

- Prevents respiratory problems

- Helps prevent cancer

-Good for your brain

- Helps prevent kidney problems

- Good for your bones

- Antibacterial properties

- Helps protect the liver

-Reduces symptoms of diabetes

Our Moringa leaf powder supply is from a community upliftment project focused on a rural Malawian community that have had relations with for over 25 years before Moringa became popular.

They are a commercial concern that specialises in Moringa harvesting and Moringa Leaf Powder supply to local & international markets since 2006.

They maintain a harvesters network of rural Malawian African women built up over 13 years. Our Harvesters wild harvest from naturally & abundantly occurring Moringa oleifera trees in their harvest area. The trees have been growing for the past 150 years amongst the natural African bushveld in the area surrounding the harvesters village.
7 ways to incorporate Moringa into your daily diet
  1. Stir it into your water. Hot or cold H2O works, though it might go down easiest in warm water mixed with a little lemon and honey.
  2. Steep it as a tea. 
  3. Mix it into smoothies. 
  4. Sprinkle it into soups. 
  5. Bake it into… anything. 
  6. Green up your guacamole. 
  7. Shake it into salad dressing.