Lulubee's Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps (Set of 3)

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Lulubee offers a natural food storage alternative to plastic wrap. Lulubee Food Wraps are plant-based hand dyed utilising natures colour palette. They are made from 100% cotton, plant-based dyes, beeswax, tree resin & carrier oil.

This variety pack is a must for your kitchen! Wrap sandwiches, cheese, herbs, cut vegetables or fruit. Perfect for snacks when on the move, or to cover food in a bowl.

Small 20 x 20cm: wrap half avocado, lemon, end of a cucumber, herbs or cover a jug
Medium 28 x 28cm: wrap a sandwich, cheese, cut brinjal, carrots, snack pack or cover a bowl
Large 35 x 35cm: wrap a half a butternut, paw-paw, cabbage, baked goods or cover a bowl

The wraps are reusable and can be gently hand washed between uses. Wash with COLD, mildly soapy water, rinse in fresh clean cold water and place on drying rack inside to dry.

Made from 100% cotton, plant-based dyes, beeswax, tree resin & carrier oil.

100% Cotton ensures the durability of the wrap. The natural fibres are infused with a blend of pure, unbleached, locally harvested Beeswax which has antibacterial properties, helping to keep food fresher.

We dye our cotton using traditional hand dyeing techniques and Plant-based dyes, embracing nature’s colour palette for a rich and natural wholesomeness to our wraps. Every wrap will be unique and vary in shades of colour due to hand dyeing and the natural variables of the plant material. Our reusable wraps do not contain any synthetic inks or chemical compounds.

Tree resin is a resinous sap known for its natural adhesive effects, giving our wraps their malleable characteristics.

Carrier oil binds all the ingredients together.


How to Use Wrap food or a cover a dish, moulding the Lulubee wrap to the shape, allowing the warmth of your hands to warm up the wrap and ensuring that the wrap seals. Wrap cheese, sandwiches, vegetables, snacks, bread, herbs, a bowl or a dish.

Caring for your Wrap Wipe excess food off the wrap or gently hand wash with mildly soapy, COLD water. Rinse in fresh clean cold water and place on a drying rack inside to dry then reuse. Lulubee wraps do not take kindly to any form of heat.

Lifespan Lulubee wraps will last you about one year, depending on their care and how often they are used. The wraps are compostable, so at the end of their life span you can place them in the compost heap or use them as a fire starter for your next braai or bonfire.

How to store your wraps Fold or roll them up and pop them in a paper bag or glass jar for storage. Place your Lulubee wraps in a visible place in your kitchen.

Lulubee wraps are not recommended for use with raw meat. If you wish to do so, place meat in a bowl, then cover or use a dedicated wrap just for meats.

After using your wraps, you will notice creases and fold lines in them, this is natural and to be expected when using Lulubee wraps to store food in.