Lady of the Herbs Femina Herbal Extract

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Natural Daily Hormone Balancer and Support


Our Femina Herbal Extract Drops has the ability to activate your body to produce and balance your hormones all by itself. It supports the function of your pituitary gland and hypothalamus which is responsible for regulating your hormones; as well as support your liver in breaking down excess hormones.

This botanical remedy may be used to regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles (amenorrhea) as well as treat PMS, menopause, period pains, an-ovulation, and other menstrual disorders.

It may enhance fertility by stimulating ovulation and increasing the luteal phase.

This blend does not provide the body with hormones but instead supports the body to do the work itself. It might take three to six months before the body finds its balance.

Ingredients: Chaste Tree Berries (Vitex), Stingy Nettle, Food grade sugarcane ethanol, Distilled water.