Gaia Gent's Day Cream 50ml

Gaia Gent's Day Cream 50ml

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And one for the Gent’s, this cream is formulated to soothe and protect the skin particularly after shaving. With a built in sun protection +- spf15, this non greasy cream is perfect for superb moisturizing and has antibacterial properties.

Directions: To shave, after cleansing, apply repeatedly after every round, rinse, towel off and apply as a moisturizer. To moisturize, apply sufficient to leave, after absorption, a hint of residue as a pollution protective barrier, if required. If not shaving, a milder alternative, if the skin is not infected, is the Day Cream listed above.

Contains: A specially formulated low oxidation-potential aqueous cream base, Comfrey allantoin, Centella, Green Tea, Aloe Ferox, Kombucha, Selenium & Kelp extracts, Panthenol, PABA (a natural vitamin B-complex factor), Zinc oxide, vitamins A, B6, C & E, chlorophyll cold-pressed Evening Primrose, Sesame, Jojoba and Coconut oils and essential oils of Lemon, Rose Geranium, Neroli, Tea Tree, Thyme & German chamomile.

Paraben free.

Beauty Without Cruelty endorsed.

Vegetarian and Vegan compliant.