Gaia Bio Chlorophyll Mask

Gaia Bio Chlorophyll Mask

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This product may be used advantageously on its own, but has been specially formulated to work synergistically with the Endo-Epidermal Steri-Oxygenator, as indicated in that entry.


Mix 1 gram (1/4 tsp.) of Chlorophyll masque powder in a tablespoon with a few drops of not warmer than tepid water into a spreading consistency and disperse over well hot-cleansed skin. For best results use tepid green tea to wet the powder and for even better results add a few drops of raw potato juice. Allow to dry and pull tight before softening and rinsing, or preferably re-hydrating with Endo-Epidermal Steri-Oxygenator to experience the unique benefits of this, our leading-edge innovative development in skin bio-detoxification, rejuvenation, and regeneration. Repeat the re-hydration cycle as many times as desired or until an itching sensation dictates termination. Gaia suggest two re-hydration; the second directly followed by a final spray of a now for the first time, ‘well-shaken’, hence emulsified Steri-Oxygenator.

(Store in a cool dry place)

Contains (from seaweed, dehydrated green barley juice, whey & yeast extracts) bio-viable anti-oxidative trace elements, free radical scavenging enzymes, Chlorophyll, Nucleic Acids, B-complex vitamins, Chromium & Selenium; soothing and repairing Comfrey Allantoin; Catalase, superoxide dismutase and Glutathione Peroxidase enzymes; Hyaluronic Acid and Beta Glucan Polysaccharides and other skin respiratory factors, with significant detoxification, oxygen uptake, and repair increasing potential. 

 Co-enzyme Q10, which in the presence of H2O2 provided by the Steri-Oxygenator, enhances intracellular thermogenesis, stimulation of cells essential to optimal functioning. Powder formulated with demulcent Gum Arabic and impurity-drawing micro-kaolin & micro-Diatomaceous Earth