From The Barkery Doggy Shampoo

From The Barkery Doggy Shampoo

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Doggy Shampoo Bars Are Made Using Only The Finest Coconut Oil & Clay.  

Infused With Chamomile, Rooibos & Bamboo Charcoal, They Are a Pure Delight To Wash The Woofers With & What’s More, Your Pooch’s Skin & Fur Will Feel Clean & Soft.

Will last for up to 10 washes.  Lathers best in warm water, but can be used in either warm/hot or cold water.

No more stopping to grab the bottle of shampoo – with our soaps, the soap is always in your hand, allowing you to keep both hands washing your woofer, at all times.

*Zero chemicals and SLES free

*100% Vegan


*Lathers, washes and moisturizes beautifully

*Chamomile & Rooibos Essential Oils are used for its incredible health benefits for skin & fur

*Bamboo Charcoal is excellent to purify the skin

*The adjustable strap wraps around your wrist between lathers – so your hands are free to wash