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FluVert's proprietary blend of Nutraceuticals act synergistically to maximise immune response against respiratory viruses. 

As a nutritional aid in assisting in the management of viral diseases. This is attained via the synergistic effect of the multi-nutraceutical combination of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) immune stimulants.

Daily intake of Fluvert must be done during winter months or during outbreaks of respiratory diseases. It is furthermore highly recommended that FluVert supplementation be implemented at least 48 hours before air travel, long distance travel or any events where large crowds congregate. Supplementation should be continued for the full period during as well as 7 days post the above.

The unique Effervescent Solvent Enhanced Technology (ESET)™ ensures optimal solubility of the Nutraceuticals and enhances bioavailability and absorption.

It is important to follow the directions for use exactly as described.

It is imperative to follow the directions for use exactly as described and to consult your health care practitioner on the concomitant use of FluVert and mainstream medications.


If any untoward side effects are noted discontinue use immediately and contact your health care practitioner.

FluVert and FluTreat should not be taken together.

FluVert must not be taken along with additional high dose (above 125mg) Vitamin C containing formulations.

Directions for use

Add 4g (one level scoop (included)) to 125 ml (half a glass) of clean drinking water. Wait for effervescence to commence. Stir the solution lightly and consume shortly after on a daily basis.

In rare instances where gastro-intestinal upset is experienced after the above intake schedule it is advised that 2g (half a level scoop (included)) is added to 125 ml (half a glass) of clean drinking water and that the full contents be consumed twice a day.

FluVert may be taken before during or after meals once or twice a day (as per instructions above) in the mornings and or the evenings.

FluVert is perfectly safe and may be taken continuously for as long as is needed.

FluVert may be combined with any mainstream medications.

For children under the age of 12 years half of the above dosage is recommended.


FluVert contains a proprietary blend of Beta 1.3/1.6 D Glucan, Manno oligosaccharides (prebiotics), mega dose Ascorbic acid and Zinc gluconate in a Effervescent Solvent Enhanced Technology (ESET)™ base.

Preservative free

Gluten free

GMO free

Sugar free

Suitable for vegans and strict vegetarians