FluTreat 60 Capsules

FluTreat 60 Capsules

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Assists in managing and shortening the symptoms of viral respiratory diseases.


A nutraceutical aid in the management of Viral Respiratory Diseases.

Daily intake of FluTreat™ must be done as soon as any symptoms if respiratory disease syndrome are noticed. Supplementation should be continued for as long as symptoms last and be continued for 7 days post recovery. It is recommended that FluTreat™ and Fluvert™ be used in conjunction during this time.


It is imperative to follow the directions as described and to consult your healthcare practitioner on the concomitant use of FluTreat™ and FluVert™ with his or her treatment modalities. If any untoward side effects are noted, discontinue use immediately and contact your healthcare practitioner. FluTreat™ and FluVert™ combinations must not be taken along with any other high dose of Vitamin C containing formulations.

Directions for use

Take two capsules with a full glass of water or juice or both in the morning and at night. FluTreat™ must not be taken on an empty stomach. Make sure to stay in an upright position for at least 30 minutes after taking the capsules. For children under 12 years of age, take one tablet in the morning and one tablet at night.


• A natural antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory benefits

• A natural antioxidant which loosens mucus in your air passageways

Vitamin D3
• Maintaining adequate levels prevents immune compromise

Make sure to close lid tightly after use. Store away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place.