Coyne Origine 8 Liposomal Green Tea Extract

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Revolutionary extract of highest purity & potency.

A group of scientists and medical experts working with the latest extraction and absorption technology with a keen interest in food and natural substances focused their energy on green tea. Due to the vast health benefits green tea offers and their understanding that these benefits are limited by the quality of tea as well as absorption of regular supplementation, they sought to develop a new green tea extract which could overcome the current challenges. After years of research, development and collaboration and combining the best of nature with science, the final result is Origine 8™ which is a true breakthrough in not only green tea supplementation but in health.

Origine 8 is a major breakthrough in green tea supplementation and overall health.

For the first time, a revolutionary, eco-friendly, pure green tea extract of the highest potency provides 12 x greater absorption of all eight green tea catechins in a single capsule. Research shows the incredible health properties of green tea are due to polyphenols, also known as catechins, a potent type of disease-fighting flavonoid and antioxidant which detoxifies cell-damaging free radicals. Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is the most biologically active polyphenol in green tea. Origine 8® contains the most potent antioxidants which are clinically proven to help slow down the ageing process and improve overall health.

We know today that it is not what you consume but what you absorb that is the most important factor.

Origine 8® utilises a superior green tea, encapsulated in Liposome Technology. This live plant matter is used in the extraction process, significantly improving the bio-availability of the extracted phytonutrients which are then more thoroughly absorbed by the body than those found in most health products. The end-product is an extremely dense botanical concentrate.

Origine 8 is encapsulated in the LIPOSOME delivery system for better absorption and bioavailability.

Origine 8™ is perfected with ground-breaking
liposome technology which is scientifically
formulated to:
- Prevent degradation during the digestive process
- Improve bioavailability with a vastly higher absorption rate
- Facilitate retention of nutritional value through timed release activity
- Prevent natural immune responses from rejecting nutrients

Benefits of green tea extract, Origine 8:
- Boosts metabolic rate, helping burn more calories
- Supports detox
- Improves energy levels
- Reduces oxidative stress
- Helps enhance physical performance