Essential Health Hormone Balancing Cream

Essential Health Hormone Balancing Cream

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Used for the following conditions: 

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

Breast tenderness



Depressed mood

Mood swings


Cyclical headaches due to hormones

May aid in balancing a cycle

May assist in fertility as it balances the menstrual cycle

May assist in helping with issues surrounding PCOS (polycystic ovaries), Endometriosis, heavy bleeding and clotting


Contains the following:

Organic Cream Base

Mexican Wild Yam


Frankincense Oil

Grapeseed Oil


Side Effects

May cause weight gain and acne if not used correctly (this is if taken by mouth, however when applied to the skin correctly it is much safer and these side effects do not present)

Not known as to use during pregnancy and lactation and should be used with caution.  

Not to be used while undergoing In vitro fertilization procedures as it may interfere with the efficacy of the process

To be used with caution while on birth control tablets, Parkinson’s medication as well as antidepressants (it depends on the birth control tablet used)