Bee Natural Lip Balm

Bee Natural Lip Balm

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Find your way to plumped-up, luscious lips with this natural protective lip balm. Whether you’re looking to heal a fever blister, recover from a nasty sunburn or just want something to maintain your beautiful smile, using Bee Natural’s lip balm is like getting a kiss from nature itself. It’s 100% petroleum free, so instead of drying your lips out, it actually locks moisture in. Beeswax, honey and propolis all work together to replenish, restore and protect your precious pout. Carrot seed oil provides nature’s very own SPF15 sun protection.

Here’s why your lips will love this soothing balm:

  • Beeswax forms a light layer that helps to lock in moisture and protect your lips.
  • Raw honey is packed with natural healing powers.
  • Bee pollen nourishes your skin and keeps it healthy.
  • Propolis has antibacterial properties.
  • Cold-pressed avocado oil is full of essential nutrients to keep your skin healthy.
  • Carrot seed oil is nature’s own sunscreen.
  • Contains no lanolin, petroleum, aqueous cream, chemicals, colorants, castor oil, perfumes or preservatives.
  • The tubes and lids are fully recyclable.

Bee Natural are masters of bees and have formulated some wonderful products geared towards looking after your skin. Committed to sustainable farming and production methods, everything used in Bee Natural beauty products is ethical and chemical-free.


Pollen enriched honey, propolis, beeswax, carrot seed oil.