AuraOrmus 200ml

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Ormus is also known as white powder gold.

Mineralise your body and get tremendous benefits from this premium Ormus.

What our customers say:

"Your product is putting us on another level! Amazing stuff! Hubby is freaking out that we may lose contact with you….it’s day 3 and he is not easily convinced about anything.

We watched loads of documentaries and checked some websites (I have been digging around the topic for years but not found a supplier I could feel that I could take their product – well done young man you did it!). Stoked! We are both feeling a heightened awareness of everything at the moment. I feel like the fuzzy static that surrounds thoughts like a radio station that is not quite tuned has gone. Thoughts are pure, movement is fluid – cool huh!

Thank you for Ormus to come into our lives."

Vivian – Connecting Consciousness Africa

"Using AuraOrmus bottled magic has had a profound influence on my life. It gives one a sense of clarity and a feeling of being centered amidst the choas. Initially my dreams were vivid filled with colourful images. My daughter also uses it, and it has shown a calming effect. We also use the healing cream that nourishes the skin beautifully without being too oily. These are truly wonderful creations that have nourished and supported my daily life."

Caryn - Mom and teacher.

mineral complex is the simplest (yet incomplete) way to describe Ormus. Our very existence and health is dependent on minerals.

"You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency" says Dr Linus Pauling, considered to be the father of molecular biology. He is winner of 2 Nobel Prizes, one of only four people to ever achieve this remarkable feat. He knew and it is accepted scientific knowledge that all bodily processes depend on the action and interaction of minerals.  

Why do we say our Ormus is Natures Purest Energy?

Nature: Ormus is a natural substance that exists everywhere, in water and air, soil microbes and in our bodies, but in relatively small quantities. We just concentrate this natural substance.

Purest: Once Ormus is sensitively concentrated it collects in a vibrant state. We only use the purest ingredients and conscious positive attention when we make it. Our Ormus is free from preservatives and has no artificial chemicals.

Energy: Energy relates to the way that minerals are required for cell functions. Minerals are the essential power source required for enzymes - which run the biochemical reactions in living things. Additionally, Ormus provides high resonant vibration that imparts harmonic benefit, more subtle energy.

What’s the big deal with minerals and vitamins?

While vitamins are required for every biochemical activity of the body, they can't function without the presence of minerals. Common to all nutrients (vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, sugars and oils), is the necessity of minerals for activity. 

Could minerals be viewed as more important than vitamins? Vitamins can be synthesised by living matter, but minerals can’ t be. We have to get minerals from external sources, usually from our food. Sadly, due to environmental pollution and the exploitation of once mineral-rich soils on our planet, eating right just isn't enough anymore. We need to ensure we get the minerals that we need to stay healthy, within a balanced diet.


Other functions of minerals:

  • Maintain pH balance within the body

  • Facilitate the transfer of nutrients across cell membranes

  • Maintain proper nerve conduction

  • Help muscles relax and contract

  • Help regulate tissue growth

  • Provide structural support for the body